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An exciting year ahead...

An exciting year ahead...

| January 19, 2019

I hope this finds you off to a great start to 2019! 

This is the first update letter that I have sent out from Krellwitz Kurimoto & Associates and as the managing partner for the firm. We also are beginning a quarterly market update to share our current thinking on the markets and economy. You can also find these updates and helpful articles on our website or follow us on Facebook and we will have the content posted there as well for your viewing convenience. 

There is an old adage that a business is either growing or it’s dying and my continued desire for this organization is for it to grow so that it can continue to provide better services and knowledge to the clients who entrust us with their financial planning, investment, insurance, and wealth management needs.  In that effort, we have brought several new people onto the team over the last year or so and I want to introduce them to you and talk about a few team structure changes as well.

But first, just in case you missed the announcement earlier this year I wanted to once again mention my partner Kevin Kurimoto’s completion of the coursework and testing requirements to become a Chartered Financial Analyst, one of the most respected investment analyst designations in the investment industry. You can read more about it here.  With this increased level of knowledge, we are in the process of building out a more robust in-house investment vetting process so please keep an eye out for more updates on phase one of this offering later this year.

In addition to Kevin and myself, we have four other licensed investment professionals in the firm – you can see a picture of each of them below as well as their roles in the organization.  Historically the firm has been structured with each advisor working to serve clients as an individual advisor but moving forward the plan is to take a concerted team approach – or as the industry has coined it an Ensemble Practice. We believe this approach will lead to more consistent and comprehensive client experiences that will deliver more focused support from our advisors where they will be able to best serve our client's needs. I hope this is a great experience for everybody moving forward but if there are any gaps in service please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with feedback.

My Father, Jerry Krellwitz, started this firm nearly 30 years ago and the industry has been through a lot of changes since then but what hasn’t changed is the value we place on client relationships, providing trusted counsel, and sound investments. We look forward to serving you in the years to come.

Krellwitz Kurimoto & Associates Team 

Jonathan Krellwitz, CFP®
Managing Partner / Lead Advisor

Kevin Kurimoto, CFA, CFP®, MS
Chief Investment Officer / Lead Advisor

Allison Kapadia Associate
Advisor / Operation Director /
Group Plans / Tax Preparation

Rene Rodriguez
Associate Advisor / Service Desk Lead

Nick Covyeau, CFP®
Sr. Associate / Lead Planner

Matt Phillips
Associate Advisor / Implementer

Julie Favro
Receptionist / Client Service Associate