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Our mission is to guide our clients in the continuous pursuit of their financial goals, dreams, and aspirations through trust-centered counsel, education, and service.


But it is our distinctive core values that truly separate us from the rest…

We Lead with Planning

Financial planning is the catalyst that drives all of our investment decisions.

Our Tailored Investment Portfolios

We design our portfolios to match your unique set of needs.

Our Team of Professionals

We're dedicated to providing solutions designed for your unique situation.

Core Values

Continuous Evolution and Growth<br/>

Continuous Evolution and Growth

Both professionally and personally, we understand that the world is constantly changing. As a result, we believe in the value of life-long learning and growth and the need to continually evolve and grow as people and as an organization. We are constantly striving to foster personal development and professional growth to both serve and inspire those we come in contact with. We invest in our team members and expect them to take ownership in actively pursuing their self-development and delivering on their commitments.

Commitment to Excellence and Humility<br/>

Commitment to Excellence and Humility

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, best practices, and attaining our goals. We set high expectations and make them happen. We also understand that humility opens more doors than arrogance ever will and that we are all in this together. We are ambitious, but grateful, and strive to treat everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Trusted and Transparent Team<br/>

Trusted and Transparent Team

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Together we succeed. Each of our team members plays a critical role in ensuring our ultimate goal which is the client's success. No one person is responsible for a successful outcome. It is our distinctive team approach that allows us to provide excellent comprehensive, in-house advice. From insurance to investments, to long-term care and taxes, our team of experienced professionals has been built to best serve the client in and around their financial planning needs; all on the same team.

People First<br/>

People First

We believe that people are truly the most important thing. As a result, we strive to respect, value, and build relationships in the office, in the community, and with our clients. As a business, our driving motivation is to create profitable solutions that keep people first and support the team to become the best version of themselves, all the while providing quality advice and great service to our clients.

Be Inspired<br/>

Be Inspired

We believe in more than just quality work. By serving real financial needs, cultivating relationships, and solving financial problems with integrity, we hope to inspire both our clients and the current financial industry to expect more. Through the power of inspiration, we seek to make other people's lives better and help our clients, in turn, inspire others.

Client Centered

Client Centered

K2 Financial takes a team approach in how we do business. Over the years K2 has worked with many advisors as they retired and trusted us to take care of their clients. Our core values have been shaped by the expertise of those individuals. K2 is committed to helping others because we believe that people come first. Trust in each other and with our clients is essential. By staying true to our values we are able to provide the highest standard of care for our clients.

Meet the Whole Team
<span>Our Legacy</span>

Our Legacy

Our firm was started in 1996 by Jerry Krellwitz who began his career in this industry providing retirement, insurance and investment planning. In 2014 Jerry retired from the industry with Jon Krellwitz and Kevin Kurimoto continuing to run the firm under its new name, K2 Financial Partners. Over the years we have continued to provide retirement, insurance and investment planning for the clients of many retired advisors including Jon Krellwitz who retired from the industry in 2023. Our firm has sure grown since our start while never losing sight of Jerry’s commitment to a strong work ethic and helping others.

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