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At K2 Financial Partners, our advisors are committed to creating a financial plan to fit your unique needs. We focus on comprehensive financial planning services and unbiased investment advice through clearly outlined service options.

Our Process


Our wealth management services will provide you with comprehensive planning and implementation of strategies for retirement, family, inheritance, insurance, estate, charitable giving, and tax planning.

Our advisors will provide investment allocation recommendations and asset monitoring, ongoing financial advice, and access to a diverse lineup of professionally managed portfolios.

In addition to these services you will receive a semi-annual portfolio review and an annual goal-assessment review to help make sure you are always on the right track.

Our History


With goal-based financial planning, our advisors help clients prioritize their financial goals and determine the optimal plan to fund them. They will collect and organize your financial data, help you create a statement of your financial position with a balance sheet, evaluate your assets and provide allocation recommendations, and evaluate and assess your financial goals. Our goal-based financial planning services also provide you with retirement funding analysis, education funding analysis, and term life insurance assessment.


Our comprehensive financial planning services comes with all items included in Goal-Based Financial Planning package PLUS:

  • Comprehensive cash flow analysis and financial decision modeling
  • Creation of personal financial website
  • Comprehensive insurance review and analysis
  • Financial plan stress test

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Our Values


When you utilize our tax preparation services, you can rest assured knowing that we have the knowledge and experience to guide you.

Our knowledgeable tax advisor will not only guide you through every step of the process, but you will also be provided with e-filing services and same day filing services, and help in preparing your state and federal tax returns.

  • 1040, 1040EZ, 1040x
  • Schedule A, C, & D

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DISCLAIMER: Diversification or asset allocation do not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

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