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Allison Kapadia

Allison Kapadia

CTEC Registered Tax Preparer & Financial Advisor

My professional background and what brought me here… I was a math teacher for 10 years working with high school dropouts in the inner-city schools.  I have always been passionate about teaching. When I discovered the opportunity to help teachers and other people plan for their retirement and reach their financial goals I knew that it fit so many of my passions and strengths and I wanted to explore this new profession. K2 was the perfect fit for me because it aligns with my values. They are passionate about building relationships and committed to partnering with people to help them obtain their goals. 

What drew me into this profession… I have always loved finances. From a very young age I would count and re-count the coins in my piggy bank and make savings goals. I would try to counsel my sisters on how to spend their allowances and help my mom with strategies on maximizing her saving with sales and coupons. Helping people understand the impact financial decisions made today can make for their future is my passion. 

I’m most passionate about… I love to travel and explore different cultures and countries. I love to cook and try new recipes. I love spending time with my family. I am really into Crime Dramas on TV.

Outside of the office I can be found… Spending time with my husband and 3 girls Avery (7) Emeline (5) and Norah (3). 

Professional Qualifications:

CTEC Registered Tax Preparer

Financial Advisor


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