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K2 Financial’s programs utilize top quality, established funds to provide broadly-diversified investment solutions to our clients.

We carefully review and manage your investments to provide professional asset allocation techniques and fund selections for your investment objectives. Our diversified portfolios are carefully curated to provide a solution for a variety of investment objectives. The K2 Financial portfolios are made up of high-quality funds with a history of steady performance and diligent management.

Diversification or asset allocation do not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results.


We believe in a straightforward investment philosophy that is designed to help each of our clients reach their respective financial goals.
In constructing your portfolio, we adhere to these 4 core tenets:

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Our investment team is dedicated to creating and maintaining investment account portfolios to meet the need and goals of our clients.

We rigorously vet the funds we put in our portfolios to make sure they are exceeding expectations in their realm of the investment universe and that they are enhancing the overall portfolios for our clients. We not only strive for the best puzzle pieces (funds) in our portfolios, but we also strive for our puzzle pieces work together to create the best overall puzzle (portfolios).

Our combination of looking deeply into individual funds and then evaluating how those funds fit into the broader portfolio context is our recipe to increase our clients probability for success with their investments.

Kevin Kurimoto, CFA, CFP®, MS

Chief Investment Officer

(909) 394-7678

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Important Information
The information provided is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice and it should not be relied on as such. It should not be considered a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell a security. It does not take into account any investor’s particular investment objectives, strategies, tax status or investment horizon. You should consult your attorney or tax advisor. All information has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy is not guaranteed. There is no representation or warranty as to the current accuracy, reliability or completeness of, nor liability for, decisions based on such information and it should not be relied on as such. The information contained above is for illustrative purposes only. K2 Financial a registered investment advisor. Advisory services are only offered to clients or prospective clients where K2 Financial and its representatives are properly licensed or exempt from licensure. Advisory services are offered through K2 Financial. Securities are offered through Lincoln Investment. K2 Financial and Lincoln Investment are not affiliated. For additional information, please visit our website at For current K2 Financial information, please visit the Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website at by searching with K2 Financial’s CRD #300913.

Risk Disclosure
No investment strategy or risk management technique can guarantee returns or eliminate risk in any market environment. All investments include a risk of loss that clients should be prepared to bear. The principal risks of K2 Financial strategies are disclosed in the publicly available Form ADV Part 2A. Asset Allocation may be used in an effort to manage risk and enhance returns. It does not, however, guarantee a profit or protect against loss. Generally, among asset classes, stocks are more volatile than bonds or short-term instruments. Government bonds and corporate bonds have more moderate short-term price fluctuations than stocks but provide lower potential long-term returns. U.S. Treasury Bills maintain a stable value if held to maturity, but returns are generally only slightly above the inflation rate.